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Innovit Healthcare Solutions Facilitating Practices Succeed

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A Group of options for integrated physician & patient workflow attached with personalized service.

Facilitating practices succeed.

Innovit Healthcare Solutions understands provider needs and we tailor our technologies to the individual practice to ensure lifelong success. Since a few years, we have supported independent physicians and their staff with a comprehensive suite of solutions, including patient engagement, electronic health records, practice analytics reporting, practice management and telemedicine. Furthermore, we offer a managed billing option for practices looking to use a third-party medical billing companies.

Stand for long-term success.

Innovit Healthcare Solutions is a dynamic healthcare technology company that serves many practitioners across various practices and a few medical billing companies. A large number of insurance claims are processed monthly by Innovit Healthcare Solutions.

Integrated provider-patient workflow.

To provide an effective in-patient medical billing service to facilitate doctors of the tiring task of formulating and sending claims to the various health funds to receive payment for their services and save them valuable time to focus on the treatment and well-being of their patients.

Scheduling between a telemedicine and an onsite appointment is as simple as picking a checkbox. Appointment reminders are automatically sent to patients at intervals you select in the format patients request. Charge capture follows during the charting process and pushes claims information to the billing staff without copying, without pasting and without running the risk of high errors historically caused by manual processes.

Innovit Healthcare Solutions, medical practices can accomplish an outstanding outcome: the ability to manage higher patient volumes with enhanced productivity and financial outcomes.

Go ahead: develop your practice. Treat more patients. Chart your way. Work on the go. Size your revenue. Take control of your destiny!