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Revenue Cycle Management in Medical Billing is here

Seamless Convenience, Technological Integration and more Revenue Generation for your Practice

At Innovit Healthcare Solutions, we take care of all your Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services to make your practice more productive than ever before.

If your revenue generation is in distress or you simply want to meet with the ever-increasing complex reimbursement and regulatory challenges, then Innovit Healthcare Solutions will sharpen your focus with operational excellence, utilizing smarter medical billing processes with integrated technology, which provide end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing Services at your fingertips.

Every healthcare provider needs to understand the importance of the financial aspects related to medical billing. This requires a combined approach from physicians, administrators and front office staff.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Medical Billing is the Heart and Soul of any Medical Practice

Our Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Processes are combined with front office tasks, clinical notes, patient engagement solutions and medical billing solutions. Innovit Healthcare Solutions offers convenience and control over the financial aspects of your practice so you can work smarter, save time, focus on your patients while generating more revenue

Patient Scheduling

Collecting patient demo graphical information, reviewing and verifying insurance coverage, obtaining prior authorizations, conducting eligibility verifications and approvals.

Collections and Documentation

Collecting documentation, co-payments, deductibles and assigning diagnostics and CPT/HCPCS codes


Collecting additional fees, setting up follow-up appointment visits, entering changes into the EHR or entering charges into the practice management software

Claim Submission Process

Submitting and resolving claims through practice management software by scrubbing or transmitting claims to payers through a clearinghouse and creating patient statements

Posting Payments

Receiving EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) requests, posting payments manually, and reviewing EOBs (Explanations of Benefits) for accuracy

Financial Reports and Analytics

Reviewing financial progress and analytics related to your practice. Reviewing account receivables and monthly financial reports and performance

Importance of Innovit Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Medical Billing to Healthcare Providers

Innovit Healthcare Solutions provides Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Medical Billing Services to healthcare providers and practice owners. The revenue cycle management process in medical billing is a financial process that uses intelligent medical billing software for patient monitoring in all aspects of financial billing. Revenue Cycle Management process in medical billing begin as soon as you register a patient and end when the final bill is paid.

Innovit Healthcare Solutions guarantees that you receive full reimbursement for your services as quickly as possible.